What is L.O.V.E.?

The four lettered happiest, hurtful, mysterious (and what not!) word causing happiness, pain and loads of confusion in lives of people. While I started to write something about it on this "so called" special day, nothing popped up in my mind. Like nothing. Nada. 

I questioned myself - Can we really say/write about love? Can we really define love? Isn't Love a feeling to experience and an expression to let someone know about your feeling? There are SO many kinds of love that words alone can never do it justice. Probably that is the reason they simplified it to the phrase 'I Love You'.

Love towards our parents, siblings, husband/wife, kids, family, friends, pets, acquaintances, and even to a stranger, we show our love and respect. Each one of us has our own feeling, experience, definition and obviously our own ways of expressing it.

Love is like a sneeze, I feel.. you know.. the restlessness before and the relaxation after. Its exactly the same. And you cannot explain sneeze to some one. Can you? It can happen at any moment.. just like love. You never know when it can happen and how it can happen. It just happens. You have to go through it to know it. 
Right, sorry.. that's a worse comparison. But on a serious note, what I am trying to say is Love can neither be defined nor can have any reasons. If it does, I doubt it is real. And not to forget - making love is easy, but being in love is not!

Coming to the outfit, what do you do when you are sleepy between your early morning flights and don't like wasting time? I take pictures. This is the most comfortable airport style that lets my body breath in those congested flights. 
My red love-tshirt here wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. Don't miss the chance to express your love for someone special today. Let's celebrate some love!

Just some posing! :)
Favorite pair of summer shoes


  1. You look lovely in this shirt :-).
    And yes, love is hard to define.

  2. Love isn't a sneeze but a feeling that remains before and after and ever! Only the person loves would relate it to the person he/she loves!
    You look lovely and lively in red! Keep your smile it makes the picture brighter!

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