Polka Dots Please

I love how Polka Dots are so versatile. You don't need to wait for a season to wear them or in fact wait for any occasion. I've got enough of my polka dots outfits and I love all of them. Especially this blazer.. I was bit skeptical when I bought this if it looks too formal and works well only as formals. But let me tell you. This will go with anything and everything.. for a work meeting with formal trousers and shirts, at the same time you can wear for a family dinner or carry it as a warmer for a cocktail party when you feel chills with your drinks. Or for a girls casual day-out wearing with a simple jeans and t-shirt like this one. 

Here, I styled it with my favourite jeans over a tube top, accessorised with a simple choker and an aqua shade finger ring (not well captured but another favourite one). Ended with a pony tail and black heels which I think gave a classy look, no? What do you think? Let me know how it works for you.

Remember the Fearless girl facing the Wall Street bull in NYC? Ok, this is the other one. Not-so Fearless girl just facing the photographer :P

Jeans: Kraus Jeans
Tube top: Bebe
Blazer: Atmosphere (Netherlands)
Choker: H&M
Heels: DinSko
Finger ring: Belleza

Location: Ledaal (Stavanger, Norway)
Photography: Guillem Cheung


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